K-Frame Riser Adapters

Your Price: $79.53
Part Number:USCT7M2073
These are riser/adapters for the USCT Motorsports K-frame stand. They permit mounting your K-frame onto the K-frame stand using the rear k-frame mounting bolt locations in place of the factory holes in the bottom of the k-frame.

This mounting location provides better balance for your k-frame and front suspension. The risers also are not in the way of the k-frame bolts, so when it comes time to install your newly assembled k-frame, engine, transmission and front suspension you can roll the assembly under your car, lower and install the k-frame bolts.

K-frames that have a skid plate installed have the factory mounting holes covered, so these riser/adapters are a better solution and more stable than using the factory holes. K-frames that have a USCT Motorsports K-frame oil pan notch installed as part of a Gen3 Hemi swap will also need to use these riser/adapters as the factory holes have been removed.

These riser/adapters are included in all new K-frame stands, this listing is for older model k-frame stands to update or as replacement parts.

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