65-70 Mustang Front Strut Rod Braces

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US Car Tool 65-70 Ford Mustang Strut Rod Stiffening Kit

(Includes a pair, one set for the left and one set for the right) -Fits Mustangs from 1965-1970

These braces are designed to add strength to your Mopar unibody and front frame rails in several critical areas.

Where do the Strut Rod Stiffeners mount?

The kit mounts at the front strut rod brackets located on the front under the radiator.

What does a 
Inner Fender Brace do?

The factory recognized this was an area that would benefit from some additional bracing, they just did not do enough, the US Car Tool Strut Rod Stiffener Upgrade adds the missing pieces to gusset and box between the factory frame rail section, between the frame rail and the front core support. This "boxing" adds stiffeners between major structural parts of your front frame rails and unibody and makes these key areas even stronger!!

Do these require welding?

Yes, installing Strut Rod Stiffeners require them to be welded into position.

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