71 Hemi Cuda Classic Vintage Retro Tee by artist Bruce Anliker Plymouth Mopar

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This classic Gildan 6oz 100% cotton Tee Shirt features a vintage retro drawing by Bruce of an iconic '71 Hemi Cuda. The inspiration for this artwork is traced to the original car built by US CarTool for a well known Nascar driver. Gilled fenders and the famous Plymouth Cuda 426 Hemi bill boards announce to the world how this car came optioned from the factory. This particular car was then festooned with a set of one-off custom milled 20"Aluminum rims, a full US Car Tool chassis stiffening kit, a 528 inch fire breathing Hemi and a custom installed Viper 6 speed stick. If there was ever a car that needed a passenger side "chicken bar" hand hold, this is it. The car has go and whoa for the straights, and lets just say that the driver knows how to turn!

An avid car guy, Bruce has been drawing cars as long as he could hold a pencil. Yeah, he was that guy in school drawing cars in the margins of his notebook when he SHOULD have been paying attention to the teacher. It wasn’t long before friends started asking for renderings of their own cars, and viola, not paying attention in class started to pay off!

Bruce came by his love of cars honestly--his dad once had a collection numbering over 30 cars from Jaguars and Mercedes to Studebakers, Nashes and Kaisers. Many family vacations were spent on car “adventures” of all types--whether it was attending the Concours de Elegance at Lake Forest, IL in the family’s Jaguar Mk V drophead coupe (affectionately nicknamed "John Henry") or a long trek to drag home the latest restoration project, family life seemed to revolve around antique automobiles and antique car clubs.

Available in sizes from Small to 5XL Large and color White and Black. (sizes over 2XL and colors other than white have a small extra charge) These 100% cotton Tee's feel great, have the classic auto art Tee shirt fit and will actually make your car faster while you wear them! OK, that last bit may not be true, but you will feel faster!