Mopar 67-75 A-Body Mini-Tub Kit

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Part Number:USCTAM2009
US Car Tool's Brand New 67-75 A-Body Mini-Kit!!

Fits all A-Bodies 1967-1975 Mopar A-Body Dart/Valiant/Duster/Demon

Ever wanted to gain more room for bigger tires in your vintage A-body Mopar but thought that moving the wheel tubs was to much work? US Car Tool has created a kit to save you time and money for just that!

This kit allows you to Mini-Tub your A-body Mopar in a weekend with our pre-fabricated wheel tub filler.

Set Of Pre-Fabricated Wheel Tub Fillers
Set Of Trunk Hinge Braces Extensions
Set of Cut Templates
Set Of Instructions

A Body mini tubs will not work on ,1967 - 1969 Barracuda fast back because of the fold down back seat width and hinge location. If you used the rear fold down back seat , it will have to be narrowed accordingly to fit properly.

Please Note: Due to Supply chain and shipping cost increases, we are re-tooling the mini tubs to manufacture them in 2 pieces. This allows them to fit in a much smaller shipping box and reduces the shipping costs substantially, in some cases, shipping will be less than half of the older one piece version. If your mini tub kit has the new two piece design, the two pieces are tabbed and keyed so they fit together one way and then are tack welded into a one piece minitub. We designed the seam to be in a spot to minimize any visual impact and to be unseen after installation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Whats the biggest wheel and tire I can fit after installing a mini-tub and spring relocation?

Its hard to give sizes that are concrete due to the shape of the wheelhouse, ride height, and wheelbase. When our mini-tub kit is installed with our rear spring relocation kit, this will allow for maximum tire size. The actual size tire that can be fit in the wheelhouse will depend on many factors including wheelhouse shape, size, ride height of vehicle, wheel backspace, wheel diameter, tire diameter, tire width, axle width.

All these play an important part in selecting the correct size for your application.

Examples of tire size and wheel combinations we have used:
1967 Dodge Dart: 17x10 Wheel with 295x45x17 Tire
1968 Dodge Coronet: 15x12 wheel with 29x15x15 Tire (This application required modification to the factory outer wheelhouse.)

Does the rear end need to be shortened?

The rear will need to be shortened depending on your wheel offset, this will require mock-up and measuring to be correct.

Will the rear seat still fit?

The rear seat will still fit with no modification of the A-Bodies, however on B-Bodies the seat frame will need to be modified.

Do the seat belts still work?

The outboard seat belt anchor will need to be moved depending on your application.

Does this require different shock?

The shocks would ideally need to be shorter and will also depend on ride height, so mock up and measurement is required to get the right length.

Any more questions give us a call at (919) 855-8200

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