USCT Motorsports A-Body 1/2" offset rear leaf spring shackle kit pair

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USCT Motorsports A-Body 1/2" Offset rear leaf spring shackle kit pair.

This kit is the OFFSET rear shackles, they move the rear leaf spring location 1/2". Requires an offset front spring mount (not included) to work correctly.

These rear leaf spring shackles are an excellent replacement rear leaf spring shackles with an extra 1/2" of offset. Use these in combination with a front offset spring hanger to get 1/2" more inboard tire clearance. They include proper sized shoulder bolts to set the correct bushing width without binding due to over tightening that can happen with no-name replacement shackles. These will provide you with the stock ride height. If your leaf springs have sagged or you need more tire clearance room, we also make these in custom lengths, up to 3" over stock. Please note that a 1" longer shackle will raise the rear of your car by 1" and provide approximately 3/8" more tire clearance. Longer shackles may have an adverse effect on handling.

Includes two complete shackles to do both leaf springs and includes all new bushings. Designed to work with stock bushings such as Moog K7309 so these are easily replaced if you ever need new bushings.

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