Universal Panel Refurbish Program

Your Price: $2,000.00
Part Number:USCT8U1001
IMPOSSIBLE PARTS MADE POSSIBLE Finding quality used panels can be a daunting challenge. Good used parts have many times been already picked over. What is left in the used market is often no better than the bad panel you already own! Patch panels are available, but installation is difficult at best. We have seen our fair share of shoddy, bonded over repair attempts. WHEN BRAND NEW PANELS ARE NOT AVAILABLE, MAKE YOUR EXISTING PANEL INTO A LIKE NEW PANEL! When you choose USCT’s fixed price Panel Refurbishment Program, we disassemble your usable clean panel, assess the repair, create a plan of action and fabricate new parts or repair the existing panels to a metal finish. A metal finish is a high quality finish that has no perceptible repair seam and is ready for installation. The panel will look, fit and perform as the factory original panel did. No surprises, no compromises. How the process works 1. We disassemble your panel: – We take the original panel completely apart. (Most factory panels are made of multiple parts with internal bracing etc. welded to an outer skin. You cannot repair a panel correctly unless you can have access to all sides of the components). 2. We assess the panel and components. The damage is noted, patterns created, details identified and missing areas researched. 3. A repair plan is created. Rust will be removed. Not just the rusted through areas – even pitted areas are replaced with solid metal. Dents, creases, bullet holes, prior repairs, unwanted trim holes are all identified in the plan. 4. Replacement parts are fabricated and installed, we create a new panel and brace parts using our shaping expertise to create new panels and assemble the repairs to your original panel using a metal finish. 5. Your panel is evaluated against the original assessment, template fit and finish is confirmed and when it passes our quality check, your panel is ready for use on your vehicle! Panel Core requirements: 1. Panels up to 20 sq foot in surface area. (Most fenders are approximately 10 sq feet.) 2. Panel core must be clean to bare metal. We can have the panel cleaned for a small extra charge if you do not have the opportunity to clean the panel to bare metal. 3. Panel detail must be present on the core. If required detail is not present on the core (rusted away or missing) we cannot replicate it without further research. If research is required to discover the detail, extra charges would apply. 4. Any panel can be sent and refurbished. Fenders, doors, hoods and decklids are normally unbolted. Quarter panels, roofs, floor pans etc. can all be sent in if they are removed from the vehicle. Frequently asked questions: Q. Can I send you a rusted and dented pair of fenders? A. Yes, any panel can be sent in for the USCT refurb program. Oversized panels (over 20 sq feet) may have an extra charge. Q. Can I send you the nose from my 1970 Superbird? A. Yes!! But just remember that the headlight buckets, valence and internal structure that unbolts is not part of the nose cone panel and would be treated as a separate panel. Q. How do you handle fitment and panels gaps, such as the door gaps? A. Your original panel is templated and the refurb panel will fit to those measurements. Factory tolerances of +/- 1/16th of an inch are considered acceptable. We can “gap” the panel for an exact fit to your car for an extra charge, bring us the vehicle!