70 - 74 E-Body, 71-72 B-Body 518 Crossmember Kit

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Part Number:USCTAM2029
Engineered to facilitate installing a Chrysler 518 overdrive automatic transmission into a 1970 - 1974 Dodge/Plymouth Mopar E Body or 1971-72 B Bodycar. Requires additional fabrication and welding.

Made from 3/16 thick steel, this replaces the factory transmission cross-member transmission mount. Provides the additional height and width required to for the 518 Transmission. Additional clearance may be required including cutting the factory crossmember for the transmission tail-shaft and the speedometer or VSS cable/sensor. The factory floor remains in the original location. Requires welding in the replacement USCT transmission mount tab. The tab is designed to accept the common GM 2 bolt style mount transmission insulator. The USCT cross-member is a fully boxed section, engineered to provide the structural integrity that would be lost by removing the factory cross-member. The kit includes the cross-member, lower transmission mount tab, Grade 8 mounting hardware and instructions for installation. The GM style insulator (anchor 2378) is not included and is available in almost every auto parts store. The components are factory jig welded, ready for installation. Requires fabrication and welding to install.