84-01 Jeep Cherokee Upper&Lower Control Arm Stiffeners

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US Car Tool 84-01 Jeep Cherokee Lower&Upper Control Arm Stiffeners

 The control arms on your Jeep Cherokee are not designed to take much off-road abuse. Frankly, they were not designed to take much on-road abuse either! The US Car Tool control arm stiffeners add an incredible amount of strength to the factory upper and lower control arms. They weld to the factory control arms add stiffness, support, rigidity and strength.

 The US Car Tool Cherokee Control Arm stiffening system starts by boxing in the control arm. Where the factory version uses a U shape section of sheet metal, the US Car Tool stiffening system fully boxes in the control arm. And we do it using awfully thick steel, more than tripling the total steel thickness of the control arm, plus adding the boxed in structure. It all adds up to an amazingly strong result: Wicked stiff control arms, upper and lowers.

 What is our off-road parts philosophy? That’s simple; nothing overbuilt ever broke. And since the stiffening system welds to your factory (or replacement) control arms, there is no change in steering, suspension, height or chassis geometry. You add strength, you add rigidity, you eliminate an opportunity for failure (at the most inconvenient time – when off-road).

The US Car Tool Jeep Cherokee Control Arm stiffening system support plates are a weld-on solution and designed to be added to your existing (or replacement) upper and lower control arms. Many of our customers find that new control arms are available very inexpensively and simply purchase new control arms and weld the stiffening system control plates to the new control arms and then install them. The stiffening system is an easy weld-on install. It makes a great welding project and is an easy way to add strength to your Jeep Cherokee.

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