8.75 Rear End Housing Brace set

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Part Number:USCT1M2055
Dodge Plymouth Chrysler Mopar 8.75 83/5 Rear End housing Brace Set

(Includes 2 pieces- one left and one right) - Fits all Mopar 8.75 rear end housings Dodge and Plymouth, Charger, Roadrunner, Superbee, GTX Dart, Demon Duster, Cuda, Challenger etc.

These rear end braces are precision Laser Cut and CNC formed to fit your rear end housing for easy welding. They are dimple died to reduce weight and increase strength.


Where do the Rear End Braces mount?

The rear end brace is designed to act like a gusset between the rear end housing tube and the formed center section. One is installed on the left side and oine is installed on the right side. They touch in the middle of the rear end housing.

What does a Rear End Brace do?

The simple version is: It helps your rear end resist bending forces from hard launches at the track or from extreme forces from 4-wheeling or rock climbing.

Does my car a Rear End Brace?

Racers and off-roaders have been experiencing rear end housing twisting and bending from when they started adding HP and Torque. If you are upgrading your drivetrain to handle more torque, it may be time to make sure your 8.75 rear end housing is
stout and capable of handling that torque without compromise.

Are these duplicates of the OEM factory Braces?

No, the factory never installed a Rear End Housing Brace.

Do these require welding?

Yes, installing Rear End Braces requires them to be welded into position.

Will there be any clearance issues after install?

We designed the rear end brace to not add any extra depth to the rear end housing to avoid any contact with the factory gas tank. You may need to re-route or craft a new rear brake line after the installation. It is always a good idea to mockup the brace in place and confirm you have no clearance issues prior to welding them in place.

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