A Body K-Frame Skid Plate

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Part Number:USCTAM2071
Dodge Plymouth A Body Mopar K-Frame Skid Plate

Fits all A Bodies from 1967 through 1975, Dodge and Plymouth, Dart, Duster, Scamp, Valiant etc.

The USCT Motorsports K-frame Skid Plate is a part that MOPAR never made - these are made to solve a problem that Hemi Car's and Six-Pak cars got - oil pan protection welded to the underneath of the skid plate.


Where does the skid plate mount?

The k-frame Skid Plate is designed to weld to the factory K-frame. It adds the protection for the factory or aftermarket oil pan.

Does my car need a Skid Plate?

The factory engineers added a skid plate to had high horse power and high torque. They knew those kinds of cars would participate in drag racing and road racing and would need extra protection of the oil pan. If your car has an oil pan that protrudes down below the factory K-frame, a Skid Plate will provide protection against the oil pan being damaged or punctured.

Are these duplicates of the OEM K-frame Skid Plate?

No, the factory never built an A-Body skid plate. We build a version we refer to as our "Hot Rod" K-frame Skid Plate. These mount in the factory location and are designed to be strong and easier to add on a car that has already left the factory.

Do these require welding?

Yes, installing a Skid Plate requires it to be welded into position.

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