Gen3 Hemi Swap Mount kit to OEM Slant Six K-frame A Bodies 67-73

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Part Number:USCTAM2075
Gen3 Hemi swap mount for 67-73 A Bodies with a Slant Six K-frame

Engineered to support a Gen3 Hemi Swap into your classic A Body Mopar using a factory Slant 6 style K-frame mount. Fully adjustable and allows moving your Hemi upwards as much as 2.5" for clearance along with a move forward by up to 2.5" for transmission tunnel and header clearance.

This mount allows raising the Gen3 Hemi for OEM Power steering box and A/C compressor. The mount is a bolt-in solution, Power Steering and A/C compressor requires fabrication, mockup and welding to your car and some engines may require hood scoops for clearance with Power Steering and A/C.

Uses a unique Urethane mount style needing only 3/4" clearance next to the Gen3 Hemi engine block and also provides for other custom engine mount solutions. If you need to put a Hemi in it, these mounts are what you need.

Mounts fit 67-76 A Bodies using OEM factory slant six k-frame mounting pads (Does not fit spool style OEM K-frames)

Comes with High strength Metric Hardware to attached to the Gen3 Hemi engine block (5.7, 6.1, 6.2 and 6.4) and Grade 8 fasteners to connector the mounts.

We have versions of this mount for the V8 K-frame and the Slant 6 K-frame.

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