Kframe Notch for Gen3 Hemi Swap using OEM front sump Oil Pan

Your Price: $208.25
Part Number:USCTAM2048
The USCT Motorsports K-Frame Notch is Engineered to support a Gen3 Hemi Swap using the original K-frame and providing clearance for a Gen3 OEM factory front sump oil pan into your classic Mopar.

The notch brace is made of 3/16 steel and formed to be much stronger than the original factory k-frame structure while providing clearance for a Gen3 Factory OEM front sump oi pan. Includes an additional support brace located behind the oil sump to add additional strength to the steering box mounting brackets. If you are running the factory K-frame in your Mopar and need need to put a Hemi in it, this K-frame notch will support the swap without changing the oil pan and pickup.

Fits 62-72 B Bodies, 67-75 A-Bodies and 70-74 E bodies using OEM factory k-frame.

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