Level 3 Chassis Stiffening Kit 62 and 65 B-Bodies Dodge

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Part Number:USCT1M1027
US Car Tool Level 3 Chassis Stiffening Kit

Kick Asphalt! Max stiff & Max tire. Max Power to accelerate and stop.

Max your chassis and max your tire combination. For straight line performance, autocross or canyon carving, the Level 3 kit goes to the Max! Get all the go and whoa to move your car, not twist it. When you want Max Power and Max Traction, get Max Stiff. Add Level 3 and go kick some Asphalt.

Level 3
Chassis Stiffening kit includes:
  • A Pair of CNC Frame Connectors (complete set of 2)
  • Front and rear torque boxes (complete set of 4)
  • A pair of front inner fender braces (complete set of 2)
  • A front lower core support stiffener
  • Rear spring relocation kit (complete kit for both sides)
  • Mini tub kit (complete kit to add up to 4" per side tire clearance)
This kit Fits the Dodge B Bodies 1962 and 1965 (Dodge). Use USCT1M1028 for 63 & 64 Dodge.

Save $89 over individual component pricing by purchasing a level 3 kit.


Where does the Level 3 Chassis Stiffening Kit mount?

The kit mounts to the unibody of your B-Body Mopar and adds strength and stiffening to the entire unibody structure. This the most complete kit and adds the most strength available, short of adding a full roll cage to your car.

Does my car need a Level 3 Chassis Stiffening Kit?

The factory engineers added stiffening to some ares of the A-Bodies, so they recognized the benefits of the bracing 40+ years ago. We've just got the benefit of seeing how these react to the added chassis stiffening. Any car will benefit from the additional chassis (unibody) stiffening, especially if you are increasing the horsepower or just want you car to feel more "solid" going down the road.

Frame Connectors add strength to the middle portion of the unibody, our design maximizes the strength of these via cantilever beam engineering to increase the Section Modulus of Elasticity. This is twice as strong at half the thickness!!
Torque Boxes distribute the brute forces placed on the Unibody at active suspension mounting locations; think front leaf spring hangers pushing the car forward on a 600hp launch!
Inner Fender Braces add stiffening to a front frame rail system that was prone to twisting.
The front Lower Core Support brace connects the extreme front ends of the front frame rails to help make them stronger and less prone to twisting.

When you remove the flex from your chassis (Unibody) you allow the suspension to work as it is designed. Now you can adjust spring rate, roll resistance (sway bars) and shocks and actually see and feel the difference!

The Level 3 kits goes further by moving your leaf springs inboard 3" per side and adding 4" of  wheelhouse tire area for Maximum Tire size and width.

Are these duplicates of the OEM factory Braces?

No, we build a version we refer to as our Hot Rod Brace Upgrade. Some of the stiffening components fit in the factory location, such as the torque boxes and inner fender braces, other components just add strength to known weak spots on the unibody.

Do these require welding?

Yes, installing a Chassis Stiffening Kit requires them to be welded into position.

Will you install the components onto my car?

Yes, our installation center installs all the parts we manufacture for a set low price.

Im not sure exactly what I need for my MOPAR suspension upgrade, can you suggest an upgrade to my car?

Yes, we have installed chassis stiffening components on 100's of MOPAR's and have been in business saving old MOPAR's for over 10 years.
Contact us at (919) 855-8200 with any additional questions - we like to help!!

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