Transmission Crossmember for Gen3 Hemi Swap HP90

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Part Number:USCTAM2052
Engineered to facilitate installing a transmission into your car when using the USCT Transmission Tunnel Perimeter Frame. Requires additional fabrication and welding.

The universal Transmission Cross-member Kit includes weld on mounting brackets, cross-member bracket, transmission mount "baskets" and adapter plates for Gen3 Hemi swaps H970 transmissions into any car that has a USCT Transmission Perimeter Frame.

Short version of installation instructions
  1. Bolt the adapter plate to your transmission, bolt on a transmission rubber mount, bolt that to the mount basket.
  2. Mock-up your drive-train in the car, set the height of the transmission (for drive-line angle - OEM was approximately 2 degrees downward towards the rear), assemble the mounting brackets to the cross-member and then clamp the USCT cross-member against the basket.
  3. Locate the weld-on mounting brackets against the sides of the Transmission Perimeter Frame.
  4. Confirm angles, center line and correct position of the drive-train. Weld the mounting brackets to the Transmission Tunnel Perimeter Frame, weld the basket to the cross-member.

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