Transmission Crossmember for Gen3 Hemi Swap TR6060 OEM 6 Speed

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Part Number:USCTAM2046
Engineered to facilitate installing a transmission into your car when using the USCT Transmission Tunnel Perimeter Frame. Requires additional fabrication and welding.

The universal Transmission Cross-member Kit includes weld on mounting brackets, spool mount bushings and adapter plates for Gen3 Hemi swaps TR6060 OEM 6-speed transmissions. Works to install the Mopar OEM TR6060 6-speed transmission into any car that has a USCT Transmission Perimeter Frame.

Short version of installation instructions

  1. The adapter plates are installed around the steel tube with a bushing inserts in the tube.Bolt the adapter plates to your transmission, place the spool mount inside the weld on bracket and install the through bolt to hold the assembly together. There is one for each side of the transmission mounting pad.
  2. Mock-up your drive-train in the car, set the height of the transmission (for drive-line angle - OEM was approximately 2 degrees downward towards the rear).
  3. Locate the weld-on mounting brackets against the sides of the Transmission Perimeter Frame.
  4. Confirm angles, center line and correct position of the drive-train. Weld the mounting brackets to the Transmission Tunnel Perimeter Frame, weld the adapter plates to the spool mount tubes.

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