Fender Bolt Fastener Kit MOPAR Dodge Plymouth A/B Body

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Part Number:USCTFM3001
Mopar Dodge Plymouth A/B Body Complete Fender Bolt Fastener Kit Set

This kit has all the fasteners you need to install a pair of fenders onto your Mopar Classic Auto.

Includes 48 pieces: Dog Point Bolts, Slip on Nuts, Studs and captured washer nuts - All correct and complete.

Each Kit comes with:

Upper Fender to Inner Fender slip-on nuts and dog point bolts with built in washer
Front core support to Fender slip on nuts and dog point bolts with built in washer
Lower Fender to rocker deep slip-on nuts, stud and washer with captured nut

This is the most complete kit available and uses all the correct fastners, in the correct lengths and styles, includes a total of 48 pieces. For instance, check the lower fender stud slip-on nuts; we supply the correct long style so the stud is located in the correct factory location on the rocker. We have been assembling and using these kits for years in our in-house restoration facility and now are making them available.

Several of the fasteners are available both in the OEM black oxide finish and an updated zinc phosphate (gold color) finish. The zinc phosphate finish is much more durable, resists corrosion and takes paint better than the OEM black oxide. I normally ship the updated zinc phosphate finish for the bolts in this kit and have been using those for years. If you prefer the OEM black oxide, I will happily substitute those in the kit for you at no extra cost.

These kits fit all the A Body and B Body mopars from 1966 through 1974. Some A Bodies used fewer fasteners than supplied, so you will have an extra!

Dealer inquires are invited for these kits as well, if you attend auto shows and flea markets in your area, please inquire about our dealer program.

We work to earn your 5 star rating. When you get your kit, please rate us with 5 stars - we ship the SAME DAY we get your order, sometimes within an hour. The 5 star rating is very important to us!!

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