62-65 B Body - US Car Tool Uni-Lift Unibody Front End lifting tool

Your Price: $287.90
Part Number:USCTRM1002
The US Car Tool Uni-Lift allows the front end of your 1962 to 1965 Mopar early B Body to be lifted over 5' in the air for easy installation or removal of the front suspension. The Uni-lift bolts to the front bumper mounts on the front frame rails and is CNC machine cut with the bolt patterns for Mopar A, B & E bodies. Other patterns can be accommodated with a simple modification. The Uni-lift comes Powdercoated and is fully adjustable to fit any car body. Requires an engine hoist (not included) to safely lift the front of your car body with the rear tires on the ground. Combine this tool with our US Car Tool K-Frame stand for a great restoration engine installation experience!! Hoist and Car not included (smile).

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